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 Heart forward leadership.
Where leadership, intuition, and
wellness meet.

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When you google empathic leader, one of the top hits sounds something like 'The dangers of being an empathetic leader'. Mix this with repetitive messages of 'you are so sensitive', or 'don't be too emotional as a leader' and it's obvious that so many of us doubt our abilities, feel anxious and overwhelmed, and avoid being seen or speaking up. 


The world needs more leaders that are deeply compassionate.

More leaders that understand the power of vulnerability.

More leaders that are open minded and accepting. 

More leaders that are passionate and creative. 

More leaders that are dedicate to service.


That leader is YOU. 

As a highly sensitive person, empath, and intuitive with a creative and wild soul I know first hand the challenges of navigating leadership roles like managing my energy, speaking my truth, trusting my intuition, and expressing myself vulnerably with healthy boundaries. While this is a messy process, standing in our power as heart centered leaders gives others permission to be more fully human!


The world is calling YOU FORWARD.

"The only thing that was every wrong with me was my belief that there was something wrong with me.” - Glennon Doyle

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