Guiding women in radical self-care

because when we transform our own hearts, we transform lives. 

You are such a BRAVE SOUL.

Do you feel it? 

You have boldness about you, powerful beyond measure. 

You are resilient, you get back up each time life knocks you down and you come back for more. 

Your authenticity shines bright, just by being you, you are teaching greatness. 

You are beautifully vulnerable, sharing your heart and purpose with the world. 

You are the embodiment of being BRAVE


Do you believe this?

Or do you sit in self-doubt more often than knowing your power?

Questioning if you are good enough, letting your fear gremlins run away with your power.

You know rest would be good for you, but you can’t quite put down the work. 

People tell you how amazing you are, but you struggle to receive the compliment.

I spent so much of my life leading from the outside in. My mental and physical health suffered, and so did my leadership. In hustle mode, I thought I was getting things done, making the world a better place. In reality, I sacrificed my presence to the people that needed it most, my campers and staff. In time I learned that my own heart healing transformation was necessary for me to help transform others. 

So - let's go - hearts forward into a new way of leading.

"We can only love others as much as we love ourselves." - Brené Brown

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