Ignite your own power as a sensitive leader.

It's time for a new kind of leadership.

The world is

calling you. 

Will you answer?

Sensitive soul, 

I know you want to fit in. 

In fact, I bet you have spent most of your life feeling different. 

Even desperate to belong somewhere. 

Your sensitivity is beautiful, 

yet you hide it away. 

Fearful of being hurt yet again.

What if I told you that your sensitivity was your super power?

And you feel different because YOU ARE, in fact, DIFFERENT?

 And that you are here to build a new world. 

Would you believe me?


We live in a world that tells us our sensitivity is wrong.

We aren't taught to cultivate our intuition, let alone trust it.

And we certainly are not given many examples of sensitive leadership. 

So as highly sensitive souls, we can find ourselves feeling

out of place, like there is something wrong with us.

Often we spiral into anxiety and depression. 

We disconnect from our body, we over think, and say unspeakably mean things to ourselves.

We loose sight of our own hearts, and we live in pain.   

I'm here to remind you that YOU do not have to live in pain

and you can make the choice to ask for help.   

For decades of my life I lived in pain and disconnection.

Yes, I was a leader in work and in life,

yes my life looked put together, but on the inside I was dying.

I was plagued with overthinking, harsh self-talk,  

and oscillated between anxiety and depression.

I felt no joy in leading those around me. 

Eventually I broke down. I came to a full stop in life.

 The breakdowns I experienced led me to breakthrough after breakthrough.

I consistently said yes to my own inner discovery. 

My life completely transformed. 

I learned to lead from an embodied and heart centered space.  

So now, I support sensitive leaders in their own heart transformation because I know from first hand experience that we must transform our own hearts to truly lead those around us.  

So - let's go - hearts' forward into a new way of leading.

"We can only love others as much as we love ourselves." - Brené Brown

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