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I used to be a lone wolf. I craved connection and community, but I also avoided it. I struggled with perfectionism, anxiety, and overthinking. I cared deeply about my work, I held leadership positions professionally, but also felt disconnected and apathetic. Eventually the deep passion I had combined with perfectionistic habits led me to deep burnout. 


Then my path led me down a winding road of therapy, coaching, yoga, and spirituality. As I invested in myself, I gained tools to navigate my inner world, allowing my outer world to shift too. Anxiety decreased, my self-talk radically shifted, my relationships deepened, and I felt confident speaking up and expressing myself. I made a dream move across the country to California, started a new job, but found in this new environment I was really struggling to own my intuitive gifts and maintain my energy in leadership arenas. 


With the events of 2020 and The Great Resignation, I observed how deeply people are craving compassionate leadership. It became crystal clear to me that the type of leadership we need already exists. In me. In you. The only thing holding me back from standing in my power was me. No more. The world needs my heart forward leadership, and it needs yours too.  


Now I have found a way to combine years of leadership facilitation with healing modalities of coaching, yoga, and intuition. My mission is to guide you to lead from your heart and intuition, to own your voice, write your own story, and care and love yourself radical ways through powerful transformational and experiential facilitation. 

The Official Bio

Ange has spent over a decade empowering girls and women in self love and authentic leadership as an educator and camp director. Through her own healing journey, Ange discovered her own super power of being highly sensitive. In addition to coaching hundreds of women, Ange is also a women's leadership facilitator, 200-hr Yoga Instructor, Reiki healer, and Embody Love Movement facilitator.  She weaves these modalities with experiential education to guide sensitive, empathic and intuitive women towards their own inner wisdom and power. You can hear more from Ange on instagram @ange.atkinson for daily wisdom nuggets. 

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