Hi There! I'm Ange! I'm so excited to meet you! I believe we are living in unprecedented times, which calls for unprecedented leadership. A new way of leading is required for building a new world. This kind of leadership is asking each of us to be devoted to our own inner transformation. Filling our cups and giving from the over flow. I came into this life with the gift of play, and now I teach, coach, and empower through the power of play! I love empowering women to live into their power, feel confident in their bodies, and lead bravely with their heart forward. I am here to help you heal through play into your own wild freedom. Are you ready? We can go together with our hearts forward! 




The Official Bio

Ange has spent over a decade empowering girls and women in self love and authentic leadership. Through her own healing journey, Ange discovered her own super power of being highly sensitive. Ange is also a 200-hr RYT Yoga Instructor, Reiki healer, and Embody Love Movement facilitator, and she weaves these modalities with experiential education and a social justice lens to guide people to be fully present in their bodies so they can lead from their authentic hearts - reminding all of us that the way we care for ourselves is the way we teach and facilitate. You can hear more from Ange on her podcast Brave Director and follow her on instagram @ange.atkinson for daily wisdom nuggets. 


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