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(Coming September 2021)

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A 6-week conscious leadership intensive for women creatives, sensitives, empaths, and intuitives.


Wild Hearted Leaders is a unique women's group coaching program designed to help you feel connected, confident, and fully expressed so that you can lead and create with more vulnerability, passion, and love. 

Why Women?

Because when women come together, transformation happens. Women shape life, we are the creators, and coming together creates a vortex of healing. Patriarchal society has long created competition and aggression amongst women, but now we are rising together. We amplify each other’s energy, we nurture each other’s spirits, and we bring forth healing in each other. 

Why creatives, HSPs, empaths, and intuitives? 

No matter what you call yourself or what term fits you best - sensitive, creative, empathic, and intuitive women are tuned to the language of our soul. We are here to guide, heal, teach, create, nuture, love, and more. Coming together to learn, grow, and continue our own healing journeys will create ripple effects in the world. 

Why conscious leadership?

HSPs, creatives, empaths and intuitives are often socialized out of leadership. Our society continues to program people into molds of leadership that perpetuate our logically driven society. In order to create a new world where humanity is prioritized we must empower ourselves as conscious leaders. The world needs more sensitive, conscious leaders speaking up so we can change the world. 


I used to be a lone wolf. I craved connection and community, but I also avoided it. I held such a deep wound around being different and too much that I really struggled to let people see me. I held leadership positions at work, but the continued to feel anxious, isolated, alone, and invisible. 


Then my path led me down a winding road of therapy, coaching, yoga, and spirituality. As I invested in myself, I gained tools to navigate my inner world, allowing my outer world to shift too. Anxiety decreased, my self-talk radically shifted, my relationships deepened, and I felt confident speaking up and expressing myself. I made a dream move across the country to California, started a new job, but found in this new environment I was really struggling to own my intuitive gifts and maintain my energy in leadership arenas. 


With the events of 2020, three things happened: I met more spiritual teachers that guided me in energetic practices to maintain high vibrational energy, more of my intuitive gifts came online, and I observed how deeply our world needs healing. It became crystal clear to me that the type of leadership we need already exists. In me. In you. The only thing holding me back from standing in my power was me. No more. The world needs my wild hearted leadership, and it needs yours too.  


Leading with our authentic wild hearts requires deep self-acceptance, vision, and community. This program guides sensitive, creative, and intuitive women to re-connect to their inner wisdom, declare their vision, and tap into community support. 



Creating time and space to truly reconnect to yourself, while

connecting with other passionate, caring, and wild women. 

Image by Priscilla Du Preez
Image by Free To Use Sounds
Image by Jude Beck

This program is for you if: 

You are a highly sensitive, empathic, intuitive, or creative woman. 

You love your work as a leader/teacher/creative, but you also struggle with apathy, agitation, and discontent. 

You desire deep and meaningful connections.

You feel drained from giving extra time and support to others. 

You struggle to pause and do less. 

You feel anxious and often overthink decisions or trying new things. 

You struggle with feelings of isolation and loneliness.  

You desire more clarity and confidence in your work.  

You have many ideas, but feel unsure of where to go with next. 

You do not feel understood or valued at work. 

You are finally ready to own your purpose and stand in your POWER. 


Wild Hearted Leaders Program Includes:

Weekly virtual live yoga classes (recorded)

Weekly guided meditation/visualization practices

Weekly leadership lesson accessed via Teachable

Weekly assignments/challenges designed to deepen your leadership abilities 

3 group coaching calls (90 minutes) 

3 group community creation calls (60 minutes)

Access to Wild Hearted Leaders Facebook Group   

Gift yourself time in a sacred space with

supportive sisters. You are worth it. 

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