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Ange speaks at conferences, retreats, and special events bringing her passion, presence, and heart forward leadership to inspire audiences toward BRAVE leadership. 

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"A leader, first and foremost, is human. Only when we have the strength to show our vulnerability can we truly lead." - Simon Sinek

Professional Trainings


Embody Love Movement  

Facilitator Training

Are you a women invested in empowering others to embody self-compassion, kindness, and socially conscious activism? If you answered yes, and you actively honor your body as the vessel through which you express life, then you may feel called to become a facilitator for

Embody Love MovementTM


Customized BRAVE Leadership Training

Create a customized BRAVE leadership training. With over a decade of experience as an experiential leadership facilitator and camp professional, you will receive a high quality leadership training based on your needs and goals!  For camp professionals, seasonal summer camp staff, experiential educators, and school leaders and educators.

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