I am here to support YOU as a leader and educator

because you have the most important job on the planet.

Educating our young people.

Children are the heart of the world and the work you do influences them.

That means you are directly and profoundly impacting

the heart and future of our planet and society.

Not only does what you do and teach matter, the way YOU BE matters.

The way you show up each day MATTERS.

The thoughts you think MATTER.

The way you process and express EMOTIONS MATTERS.

The things you believe about the world and yourself MATTERS. 


Because the way we care for ourselves is exactly the way we teach and facilitate.

Read that again.

The way we care for ourselves is exactly the way we teach and facilitate. 

So let's build a new world together.  

Where you are supported in your self-care. 

In a RADICAL way. 

Where you make daily choices that support your highest level of potential. 

This is how we radically transform the world. 

TRANSFORMING our own hearts, so together we can transform lives. 

I am beyond grateful to serve as your guide to stepping into 


through one-on-one coaching, experiential workshops and trainings, speaking events, and transformational retreats.

Let’s go with our hearts forward being brave. 


​© 2020 Ange Atkinson Coaching

Hearts Forward

Let's Go

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